Akai Ryuu Kendo Club is a non-profit martial arts club run by its members for its members in Cardiff, South Wales. It was established in 2000 and has been growing ever since. We welcome anyone to our club, experienced or beginner, to train with us in the Way of the Sword. In our DOJO page you can find information on our location and session times. If you are new to Kendo and would like to join our club, HERE you can find all the information you need to take your first steps in “The way of the Sword”.

Kendo translates as ‘The Way of The Sword’ and has its roots firmly embedded in the traditions of the Samurai of feudal Japan. Those who choose to practice Kendo today, do so to develop a strong mind, body and spirit, like the Samurai, and to cut down the ego and strive forward as better human beings. Kendo in modern times also has a rich sporting background with opportunities to compete in National and International competitions. You can find more information about Kendo HERE.


Dojo Leader – Morgan Bowden
+44 (0) 7852539261